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Security Information

The security of your data is our top priority. The Living Balance Sheet® system employs the most advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe, private and secure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comprehensive security protection measures include password protection, secure socket layer encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection, audits, inspections and more.


You can be confident that your important information is safe and secure.

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Security Features

Non Transactional

Unlike online banking or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed on our system

Highest Encryption

Our system uses a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer to scramble your data to prevent access to unauthorized users.

Password Protection

  • You have a unique User ID and Password. If three consecutive login attempts fail, the system automatically locks your account for 10 minutes, blocking any manual or programmed hacking attempts.
  • Your User ID and Password will never be given out over the phone or sent to an email address that is not pre-registered with your account.
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More Security Features

Our Privacy & Security Policy

  • We only share your personal information with our service providers or with your authorization.
  • Detailed Privacy & Security Policy links are accessible at the bottom of every web page.

Security & Incident Response

  • The team members, from the executive staff, operations, customer service and technology and development groups, each have their own responsibilities to help ensure system security.

Data is Secured behind Firewalls

  • Firewalls block unauthorized data access. If an incoming packet of information is flagged, it is not allowed to enter the system.

Secured Data

  • Your data is housed at secure, geographically separated data centers. Physical security measures at these facilities include 24/7 on-site personnel and closed circuit video surveillance.
  • These data centers also make use of fire protection, electronic shielding, and database backup procedures to ensure your data is continuously monitored and protected.
  • The Secure Network Infrastructure is regularly audited and inspected to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that the security tools utilized are up to date